Sunday, December 27, 2009

Small Goals before New Years

The biggest problem with goal setting is that I try to take too big a chunk and then get frustrated when I don't accomplish everything I want to get done...part of that comes from my mother, I think, though she's much more successful than me at getting things done.

I am determined this year to begin showing successes in all areas of my life beginning with getting my house "spring" cleaning done. I know it's not spring, but it really needs a good going over as I'm sure that my respiratory health will thank me.

I've actually already started today, but since I have today and tomorrow off, and I have a lot to do, I'd like to get this all down in writing so that I can show off to myself what I can accomplish before year end.

To begin with, I'll make a list and then X off what I've completed then give myself a percentage. I think that will help. I've got the music blasting...everything from Olivia Newton-John to Ozzy Osbourne, and I'm pumped and ready to get going...

1- Clean and dust bookshelves in room
2- Wash bedding
3- Laundry
4- Clean Piggy's cage
5- Clean Birds X
6- Clean Daku
7- Clean PC
8- Clean bathroom cupboards
9- Clean bathroom counters
10- Clean toilet
11- Clean tub
12- Clean desk
13- Sort books
14- Sort clothes in hall
15- Clean linen closet
16- Clean Hall closet
17- Sort paperwork in spare room
18- Sort business paperwork
19- Plan meals
20- Sort baskets in Bedroom
21- Groceries
22- Garbage
23- Dishes
24- Clean kitchen cupboards
25- sort plastic containers
26-Dust bookshelves in livingroom
27- Vacuum bedroom
28- Vacuum livingroom
29- Sort through Liz's Room
30- Liz's laundry
31- Take down tree and decorations
32- Clean litter box
33- Clean back stairs
34- Clean front stairs
35- Scoop lizards
36- Sort bins in livingroom
37- Do med rec'ts
38- Sort craft stuff in spare room
39- Budget for 2010
40- vacuum Liz's room
41- clean dining room
42- Wash kitchen/dining room floor
43- wash hall floor
44- change furnace filter
45- clean laundry room
46- put bikes in shed
47- christmas stuff in shed
48- stuff from spare room in shed
49- change lr/dr bulbs
50- set up organizer

That's a pretty long list, but really a lot of things don't take long and others will take longer. Let's see how much I get done over the next few days....wonder if this site has color options...hmmm....